Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Chic Diva

Just a quick thing to get a little break from a bigger project. :)

Got inspired by this song and music video:
Studio Killers - Ode to the Bouncer

Used Painter and Photoshop CS5.


  1. Whoa, qwl hair! =) Afros are always good! =) Great drawing too =) Luuuuv the song aswell =) Cheers for putting a smile on my face this morning! =)

  2. Thanks again. Hehe. Afro is indeed gooood! ^^
    Yeah, I put it on repeat and heard it approx. 50 times. But somehow it still sounds good today. Hehe.
    Always happy to spread some fun! :)

  3. Lull, I don't blame you, that's an awesome song, the anim was really fun too =) Hope you work toward your goals for the new year, whatever they may be =) Happy hols and good luck for 2012 =) Cheers Shanat! =)